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Debtor Cosigner Check

Collect! ships with a number of sample reports that can print checks for debtor payments and also for invoice/statement checks that you can remit to your client.

Collect! has a sample Debtor Cosigner Check report that enables you to print a check for a specific Cosigner/Other record for a payment they may be making toward the account.

Set Up Debtor Cosigner Check

The Bank Transit Number, Bank Account Number and branch information are entered on the Debtor Cosigner form using the User 1, User 2, User 3, and User 4 field. These fields are used in the report for the MICR printing line that completes the check form.

Open the Debtor form and then select the COSIGNERS tab to view the Cosigners attached to the account.

Select the Cosigner you wish to use to print the check.

Enter the Bank information as follows:

  • User 1 - Bank
  • User 2 - Branch
  • User 3 - Account Number
  • User 4 - Transit or ABA Number

Please refer to the report samples in the Demonstration database or the reports samples at if you do not have a Debtor Cosigner Check report. To use the sample, follow the suggestions above for entering the Debtor Cosigner banking information.

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