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Our pre-recorded training videos are an extremely convenient method of training. The videos can be accessed and watched 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And since they can be paused, rewound, and watched again, it's easy to practice while you learn.

Our Training Video Library, accessible through the Member Center, contains almost 100 videos. Each video can be watched through any standard Web browser.

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The following videos show Collect! users how the solution works, and how it matches your collections work flow, from entering your agency information to generating reports. Have an idea for a video that you would like to see? Please contact us with your suggestions.

Collect! Basics

tipThese tutorials present clear steps for performing the most basic functions in Collect!. They an excellent place to start if you are a new user, but they are also very useful for existing users who want to learn more about Collect!.

Entering Company Details

When you first start using Collect!, you will want to put in your Company information so that Collect! can use this when you print reports and letters. This video also shows you how other settings may be set globally at the Company level as well.

13 minutes 7 MB
Entering A New Client

Steps through entering a Client into Collect!. This video also shows you how to enter several settings at the Client level to make data entry easy and accurate.

27 minutes 14 MB
Entering A New Debtor

Steps through entering a Debtor into Collect!. This is where you will spend most of your time in Collect!, so this video introduces you to all the related fields and forms where Account information is stored.

34 minutes 14 MB
Basic Letter Tips

Gives you some basic tips for creating simple letters using Collect!'s Report Writer.

12 minutes 5 MB
Work In Progress List

Introduces the Work In Progress List (WIP List) and shows how to schedule and complete contacts for Debtors using Contacts and Contact Plans. Creating and customizing Contact Plans is also covered.

16 minutes 6 MB
Month End Basics

Gives you a basic understanding of the Month End Process.

9 minutes 4 MB

Collect! Techniques

Creating A New Report Library

Shows how to create a new report library and populates the library with sample reports from the Collect! website.

8 minutes 4 MB
Creating A New Attachment Type

Shows how to create a new Attachment type and how to change the field labels to match the data format that you need.

11 minutes 4 MB
Using Time Zones

Shows how to use Time Zones to manage your work queues and how to alert users when it is too early or too late to phone a Debtor.

11 minutes 3 MB
Using Edit Search Criteria

Shows how to use Edit Search Criteria to filter any list in Collect! and Quick Print results for quick ad hoc reports and analyses.

15 minutes 5 MB
Control Files - Rights, Colors and Captions

Shows how to use Control Files to set rights, colors, and captions based on conditions you define.

10 minutes 9 MB

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