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Working An Account Via Web Host

The Web Host is a utility used through the web browser to access the database and work accounts. It has been designed to resemble Collect!, but does not have the full functionality. Some management functions, such as sending letters and running contact plans, must be handled within Collect! itself, although they may be scheduled through the Web Host.

Using Web Host, accounts may be worked in three ways:

These choices are presented at the top of each page in Web Host. Going to an account through each one the lists will take you to a different section of the account. Each of the pages allows the operator to create and submit the same type of record.

  • Going through the WIP list, you reach the Worksheet page.
  • Going through the Accounts list or a Search, you reach the Details page.
  • Going through the Financials ( Payments/ Invoices) list, you reach the Finance page.
  • Other pages include Contacts, Others, Attachments and Edit.

Each of the pages may be accessed once the Account is opened. However, the Worksheet page is visible only if coming from your WIP List. Other pages include Contacts, Others, and Attachments. If an account is part of a Group, the Group button will appear on the account's pages.

Search takes you to the Details page because you are searching for the actual account record, not your working contact. This is similar to the functionality when you work your WIP List in Collect!, or do a search for an account.

Edit takes you to the debtor's information so that you may edit it. The Edit page is accessible to every operator except the Client.

When the Worksheet page is accessed from the WIP list, the operator can update, reply to or complete the current contact and/or create and submit a new contact.

Submitting a Note is only done through the Worksheet or Details page.

When you submit a record, it is processed immediately, except for Letter contacts and contact plans. Letters must be handled through Collect!'s Scheduled Batch Letters. Contact plans must be invoked by using Collect!'s Batch Processing - Process Automatic Contacts Previously Scheduled. This is also the case when changing the operator ID on a debtor. The submission creates an Operator Contact that must be invoked by the batch process.

If a Client operator is working an account, the submission of transactions is not implemented immediately. Instead, a contact is created with the information and assigned to a specific operator to be worked. This operator is set by default in the 'ClientDebtorDrillDownFinances' report in the Web Host.

When creating, updating, or completing records through the Web Host, list pages must be refreshed to view the new changes, otherwise, the operator will be viewing a cached page. A page can be refreshed by choosing the list name link (e.g., Work In Progress) or by choosing the circular refresh icon in the upper right of the page. There are also to arrow icons in the upper right of the page as well. These are displayed depending on which type of page is shown. The LEFT arrow is the Previous Page button. The UP arrow is the Go Back to List button.

tip.gif It is recommended to use the icons, navigation arrows and links within the Web Host pages to move through the areas of an account, rather than relying on your Browser's navigation icons.

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