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Recalculate Daysheets

You can recalculate one or more daysheets over a date range. This command is available from the Tools menu Recalculate option.

You have a choice of selecting the date range over which to recalculate. You can also recalculate each day just by opening the Day form for the given date.

There is a 730 days, or two years, maximum to go back, or forward, when recalculating. If you select a FROM value greater than two years, Collect! will limit results to two years backward scanning. If you select a TO value greater than two years, Collect! will limit results to two years forward scanning. This limit was imposed for performance and optimization.

Recalculating daysheets updates the totals calculated for each date. This is important when you print your daily reports.

Totals calculated include the following:

- Total payments from Debtors to the agency
- Total payments from Debtors as reported by Clients
- Total payments from Clients
- Total commission for the day
- Bank deposit amount
- Total number of new listings
- Value of the new listings
- Number of Contacts done
- Number of letters done
- Number of Contacts scheduled and still To Do
- Number of letters scheduled and still To Do

tip.gif Daysheets are not automatically recalculated for performance reasons when you post payments and create new businesses. You should have all daysheets recalculated and up to date before printing your daily reports or your totals may not be correct.

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