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Quick Print

This function prints a summary report of the currently displayed record or list.

Access Quick Printing

Pull down the Print menu and choose Reports and Letters.

Wherever you are in Collect! the Report Definition list will allow you the Quick Print option although most other reports in the list will change depending on what form is open.

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Quick Print

The Quick Print option prints a summary of the contents of the record or list you have currently selected. The titles and field contents are printed in one of a few different formats, dependent on whether you are looking at a list or a form. You can choose to print details or only line items.

When printing a list, Quick Print automatically totals ALL numeric fields.

Since dates and some other items are numeric (even though it may not appear so on the screen) these items will show totals. Ignore these totals unless you understand what they represent.

Quick Print allows you to print using the same choices as regular printing - file, screen, spreadsheet and email output are all supported.

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Column Wrapping When Quick Printing

When you Quick Print a list, for example, the Client List, you may find that your columns have "wrapped" and are not spread out across your page or screen. To remedy this, when you go to print your report and the Print Report screen pops up, change your Page Width to 132. Then choose Print and your columns will be aligned properly.

tip.gif Word wrapping and column alignment are handled well automatically when you print via browser. Then you can print the resulting HTML page to your printer to produce a quick but attractive report.

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Customized List View

When you are viewing a list with customized columns inserted or removed from the default view, Quick Print will print the columns you are viewing. However, if printing "All Details", the default list view is used.

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Printing To Spreadsheet

When printing "All Details" to Spreadsheet, only records in the list will be output, Collect! will not drill down into subforms.

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Print Via Browser

Press the Printer Setup button on the Print Report screen to display the Printer Setup dialog. Switch ON Print Via Browser. Then press Exit and you will be back at the Print Report screen. Now you will see a Print Preview choice that wasn't there before. Choose this and press Print to view your Quick Print results in HTML format.

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Print To Technical Support

When you select 'Screen' as your report output option, the check box labeled "Technical Support" is displayed. You can switch this on to send a copy of your Quick Print results directly to Technical Services for review. This is very useful when technicians need to see details of lists or of a particular Debtor. It is much quicker and more convenient than sending a fax.

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