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Date Editing

The dates you enter by default assume you are scheduling up to 20 years in the future and 80 years in the past.

For example, if you enter a date 12/01/02 (MMDDYY) the system assumes you mean December 1st, 2002. If you want to enter the date 12/01/1902, type 12011902 and press Enter. The system will know what you mean

If you enter 12/01/35 the system assumes you mean December 1st, 1935. To enter that date in the year 2035, type 12012035 and press Enter.

There is a special case when you have a century 2000 date and you want to change it to a century 1900 date. In that case, you must first clear the field and press Enter, then go back to the field and enter the century 1900 date. This is because there are typically only 2 characters for specifying the year, and the program keeps track of the century that was there before you change the date, and it uses that century for the new date you enter.

When entering dates into the date field, you can type 1 1 2010 for January 1, 2010, for example. Since there is limited space in date fields, to enter December 31, 2010 you would type 12312010 in a date field.

You can also search over date ranges using the F6 key. When you use a date in a search there is more room, and you could type 12 31 2010. Press Escape when the calendar pops up and the system will correctly interpret the month, day and year.

Date Shortcuts

You can quickly type any number of days ahead or back into a Date field and it will enter a date that is that number of days from today's date.

For example type '1' into a Date field and it enters tomorrow's date. Type a '7' into a Date field and it gives you the date a week from now.

This also works with negative numbers, for example if you type '-1' into a Date field it gives you yesterday's date and '-7' gives you last week's date.

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