Member Services Overview

Take advantage of our Member Service Team's expertise to help you further improve your business and get more out of your Collect! investment. We can offer a wide variety of services, including One-On-One Training and Walkthroughs, Consulting, Custom Reporting, Data Conversion and Customization. Collect! Members get priority access and discounted fees for these services:

One-On-One Training and Walk-throughs

When you want skilled technicians to show you how to do something then our Members-Only optional fee based one-on-one training and walk-throughs are for you. You save time and get training right in your office where and when you need it. Using remote access our technicians work with you to help you save time and make money faster.


Use our experience to leverage your operations. Whether it's as mundane as refining your vitally-redundant backup strategies or as interesting as designing your next generation account processing contact plans, we can help save you time and money. We've got the experience to help you build real-time solutions to make you money.

Custom Reporting

We can help you create letters and reports to suit your exact requirements. If you use Crystal Reports then you have power comparable to the print engine in Collect! This is a powerful scripting engine and it can be used to create most remarkable output. Reports can be designed to print directly to your spreadsheet or your browser, or to create a file that is then sent via ftp automatically. Get the most out of Collect!

Data Conversion

We can help you efficiently build import/export systems using the flexible and comprehensive Import/Export system in Collect! Our years of experience can save you time and money. If you don't have the time or staff to build your own custom data imports, or if you want expert assistance to help guide your technical team, we have experience in all aspects of data import/export development.


Collect! is very flexible and you can customize it to do just about anything. In some cases, you might have a great idea that would help make things work better for you. If you have a new feature you'd like to see in Collect! we'd love to hear about it. Collect! was built from user feedback, so please email your ideas anytime to ''.

Our development policy is simple:

  • If a feature is generally useful for our users then we will put the request into our development queue and it will be built as time permits based on our schedule.
  • If the feature is generally useful but you want it in a hurry then rush charges may apply.
  • If the feature is not generally useful then fees are charged based on simple time and materials.

Contact Us

Please review our Support Policies and Procedures for an overview of our Technical Support offerings, how you can contact us to address technical issues, or to arrange for a time and materials contract to be developed with you to meet your specific collection workflow requirements.

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