Your business depends on the security of your data. Collect! takes your safety, security and protection very seriously.

Comprehensive multi-level security features include encrypted passwords to enter the system. All fields, forms and menus have read/write, read only and no access attributes that you can set to fully control operator access to information. Ranges of user level access can also be applied to reports, letters and contact management. You can also lock down specific accounts so they are accessible only to a group of people.

Collect! can be setup to use Microsoft's SQL Server encryption for data transmitted between the server and client machines. This safeguards your data while its in transit.

Within the Collect! system, critical file access is controlled by the server. The whole Collect! system can be locked down to prevent unauthorized access. Client machines can be granted access to a select 'Client' folder with a very small footprint but all the accessibility necessary to let operators work.

Collect! works hard to give you the peace of mind you want, providing maximum protection for your data. You can rely on our experience, expertise and commitment to take your business to the next level.

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