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Import NCOA

The Import NCOA option allows you to import National Change Of Address information into your database from a Letter Service *.coa file.

Useful Note This requires that you have previously requested an NCOA Check in your Report Options when using Collect!'s Letter Service feature to outsource your letters. When you do this, Collect! attaches the Debtor [D] or Cosigner [C] identifier so that the Import NCOA feature can find the correct record to update. Please refer to Help topic, How to Use Letter Service for details.

When you select the Import NCOA option, the Open NCOA File dialog will display so that you may select the *.coa file you wish to import.

Select the OPEN button when you have highlighted the *.coa file or double-click on the filename. Collect! will read the NCOA file contents and attempt to update your Debtor records with the Change of Address information. A prompt will display a summary of updated accounts.

After the Import NCOA has run, any records that were updated will be tagged. You can use Edit, View Tags from the top menu bar to examine the records.

Please examine your accounts to make sure you are satisfied with the updated information.

Useful Note You can also schedule your NCOA updates through Collect!'s Scheduler.

NCOA File Format

The NCOA file that Collect! is expecting to receive from your letter service vendor is a fixed-length file. Please see below for the expected field positions.

NCOA Requested Output File Format
Appended Output
Record Length 542

NCOA Output File
Start End Len Description  
1 26 26 NIXIE footnotes If there is a Nixie Code "A"
match, Collect! will update
27 27 1 NCOA Deliverability Code
28 75 48 NCOA Address
76 103 28 NCOA City
104 105 2 NCOA State
106 110 5 NCOA 5-Digit ZIP Code
111 114 4 NCOA 4-Digit Add-on Code
115 117 3 NCOA Delivery Point Barcode
118 118 1 NCOA Move Type
119 122 4 NCOA - Move Effective Date --- Format YYMM
123 132 4 Inquiry Address ZIP+4 Footnotes Parsed Data
133 163 31 Inquiry Optional Address
164 211 48 Inquiry Delivery Address
212 239 28 Inquiry City
240 241 2 Inquiry State
242 246 5 Inquiry 5-Digit Zip Code
247 250 4 Inquiry 4-Digit Add-on Code
251 253 3 Inquiry Delivery Point Barcode
254 273 20 Filler  
274 283 10 NCOA Phone Number
284 291 8 Filler
292 292 1 NCOA Phone Number Level of Match
A - Match on Address
293 341 49 Filler  
342 345 4 Input Letter Code field Report Options - Letter Number
346 385 40 Input Full Name field Debtor Form - Name
386 425 40 Input Address1 field Debtor Form - Address
426 465 40 Input Address2 field Debtor Form - Address 1
466 493 28 Input City State Zip field Debtor Form - City, State, Zip
494 495 2 Service Requested
02 - NCOA (Currently available option)
496 540 45 Input NCOA Control field
Client Input Reference Field(s)
Dfilenumber for Debtor
Cfilenumber for Cosigner
File - Debtor Form
541 541 1 Line Feed Character  
NIXIE Footnotes
Positions 1-26
This field contains the NIXIE Footnotes
A - NCOA Match. The input record matched to an NCOA master file record using
current NCOA Rules. A new address could be furnished.

NCOA Deliverability Code
Positions 27
This field contains the NCOA deliverability code.
NCOA Address
Positions 28 - 75
This field contains the NCOA address.
Positions 76 - 103
This field contains the NCOA city.
NCOA State
Positions 104 - 105
This field contains the NCOA state abbreviation.
NCOA 5-Digit Zip Code
Positions 106 - 110
This field contains the response five-digit NCOA Zip Code Information.
NCOA 4-digit Add-On Code
Positions 111 - 114
This field contains the response four-digit add-on code.
NCOA Delivery Point Barcode
Positions 115 - 117
This field contains the NCOA state abbreviation.
NCOA Move Type
Positions 118
This field contains the type of NCOA move.
NCOA Move Effective Date
Positions 119 - 122
This field contains the date the change of address becomes effective. Format YYMM
Inquiry Address Zip+4 Footnotes
Positions 123 - 132
This field contains the Zip+4 Footnotes.
A - Zip Code Corrected - Position 124
B - City/State Spelling Corrected - Position 125
F - No Zip+4 Available - Position 126
I - Insufficient/Incorrect Date - Position 130
T - Street Address line Corrected - Position 131
Inquiry Optional Address
Positions 133 - 163
This field contains the optional input address
Inquiry Delivery Address
Positions 164 - 211
This field contains the delivery input address
Inquiry City
Positions 212 - 239
This field contains the input city
Inquiry State
Positions 240 - 241
This field contains the input state
Inquiry 5-Digit Zip Code
Positions 242 - 246
This field contains the input five-digit ZIP Code
Inquiry 4-Digit Zip Add-On Code
Positions 247 - 250
This field contains the input four-digit ZIP Code
Inquiry Delivery Point Barcode
Positions 251 - 253
This field contains the input delivery point barcode
Positions 254 - 273
NCOA Phone Number
Positions 274 - 283
This field contains the phone number match for the
new move-to NCOA address (if present)
Positions 284 - 291
NCOA Phone Number Level of Match
Position 292
This field contains the match level indicator
for the new move-to NCOA phone number (if present)
S - Surname level match
A - Address level match
Positions 293 - 341
This field is reserve for future use
Input Letter Code
Positions 342 - 345
This field contains the Input Letter Code
Input Full Name
Positions 346 - 385
This field contains the Input Full Name
Input Address1
Positions 386 - 425
This field contains the Input Address1
Input Address2
Positions 426 - 465
This field contains the Input Address2
Input City State Zip
Positions 466 - 493
This field contains the Input City State Zip
Service Requested
Positions 494 - 495
This field contains the service code
NCOA Control Field
Positions 496 - 540
This field contains the client Reference Field(s)
Line Feed Character
Position 541
This is the end of record indicator

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