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How To Customize The Login Screen

The Collect! Splash Screen is the first screen you see when you open the Collect! program.

Collect! Splash Screen

Enter a valid User ID and Password to sign into Collect!. New users can simply sign on as OWN with Password own to explore all the features and functions.

After you have entered your ID and Password, select the OK button to log into Collect!. You can then open the database of your choice from the Welcome To Collect! screen.

Useful Note Any time you select the LOGOUT button from the Welcome To Collect! screen, you will be taken back to the Collect! Splash Screen where you can log in with a different Operator ID or exit the Collect! program.

Customize Splash Screen

You can place your own splash.bmp or splash.png in the Collect\bin folder to override the default Collect! splash screen. The horse logo overlay will not be rendered if you successfully load the splash.bmp or splash.png file. The "Collect!" logo in the bottom right will always be rendered.

Customized Collect! Splash Screen

Useful Note If you use a bitmap for your splash screen, it should measure 786 by 568 in pixels to render perfectly. The dimensions of the image depend on the font size you are using when you open Collect!.

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