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WIP Options Basics

The WIP Options window contains the fine detail controls that you can use to put the finishing touches on your workplan strategies, keeping your Collectors focused with structured orders of operations. These settings and switches can be set on a per individual basis or can be saved and applied to all Collectors in the same Operator Level.

tip.gif The settings are only applicable when accounts are being worked from inside a WIP List.

With this flexibility built in, you can mix and match settings and switches, then observe the different results they generate. The best way to determine for your own unique use how you want to set these Fields, is to test your settings on a representative Level generic ID used for testing only, and assess how that combination of settings behaves for you. If you have attained the desired results, then go ahead and apply the settings to the live Collector IDs as Saved As Default settings.

We recommend applying and testing combination settings by applying one switch/setting at a time. Troubleshooting when you have applied five changes all at once will blur the root cause if anything doesn't behave in the expected way.

From the WIP Options screen, you are able to access the WIP Filters window. This screen has a button leading to the WIP Reload Filters screen. The WIP Reload Filter screen is for content controls to be applied to the WIP list of interest. It allows you to make these changes on a per user basis OR per Operator Level OR across all Collectors of any level. If you want to make changes and save them as default to be applied to all of your Collectors, make the change once on one Collector ID then use the Copy Operator Configuration utility accessible from the menu path \System\Rights\Copy Operator Configuration and follow the prompts.

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WIP Options form

Accessing WIP Options

The WIP Options screen may be accessed in four ways. Which one you will use will depend on user Level and personal navigation preference.

  1. From the menu bar at the top of the screen, click \System\Preferences\Plans and Reference Tables\WIP Options.
  2. From the Main Menu, click \System Administration\ Setup and Configuration\Plans and Reference Tables\ WIP Options.
  3. From the Main Menu, click the button labeled Work in Progress, then the Reload button in the upper right corner of the WIP screen. This will open the Reload Work In Progress window. The WIP Options button is in the upper left corner of this screen and will take you to the WIP Options screen.
  4. When on any Contact event screen, you can click the Defaults button in the lower right of the screen to access the WIP Options window.

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