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The Timer form is used to create a timer task. When you select the START button, Collect! will begin the time counter. You can stop the counting at any point and resume again using the START button. Select the RESET button to set the counter back to zero for this particular task.

tip.gif Be sure to write your tallies to file before closing Collect!.

The Timer Form


Each Timer task must have its own unique ID so that Collect! can track the time spent on this particular job. You can enter up to 24 characters and spaces into this field.

tip.gif It is a good idea to create an ID that clearly identifies the job. These tasks and the time tracked can be written to a file. The ID can help you quickly recognize each separate job.

tip.gif Do not use the comma [,] or the double quote ["] when assigning an ID.

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This window displays the word "Running" when the Timer is active. As soon as you press the STOP button, it will display the time accumulated so far.

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Select the START button to begin the time counter or to resume counting, if you stopped but wish to add to the accumulated time.

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Select the STOP button to stop counting. Collect! will display the time tracked in the window.

tip.gif This button only displays if the Timer is running.

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Select the RESET button to set the Elapsed time back to zero for this task.

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Select the HELP button for Help about the Timer and related topics.

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Select the CANCEL button to ignore any changes you have made and return to the previous form.

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Select the OK button to close the Timer form and enter the task into the Timer List. If the Timer is running, it will continue to run while displayed in the list.

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