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Setup Client Login

Your Clients can access your system to review ONLY their own portfolio and with ONLY the level of access you wish them to have.

These to objectives are achieved with a combination of Collect! security/ access rights settings and customizing your Client portal if you are utilizing Webhost. Example: It is possible to disable Collector Notes from appearing to Clients. With direct VPN access to your server, it is not possible to disable Collector Notes from appearing at least in Read-Only access mode.

Current security settings and a special Client/Guest user level, you are able to keep your Client logins secure and restricted to their own Debtor accounts without any ability to go further or wider in your system. The lock-down is based on the Client Number you have ascribed to them and outside of which they can see no data.

The 'Browse- Find By' functionality for Clients is tied to a hierarchical Client consolidation system that also allows you to use the "Owned by Client" field in the Client screen. This field will allow you to consolidate a group of Client numbers together under one main Consolidation Code. Also, with careful construction and testing, you can create a few levels of nested consolidation for more complex User Access requirements.

Example: Your Client has ten Client Numbers. The Head Office Rep needs to have access to all ten Clients but there is a Division Manager who is only allowed access to four of those ten Clients. It is possible to configure the User Access levels so that each of these Reps can gain access to your system without compromising the Client's security requirements.

warning.gif WARNING: Account security is ultimately your responsibility. When setting up your Client Operators, you must ensure that Browse Find By is working as you expect and that your Clients can see only those records you want them to see.

Setup Client Login

The following screenshot is an example of a simple Client login with only a single Client Number

Client Operator with All Settings

To create a new Operator ID for a Client login, your menu path is "System\ Rights\Operators". You must be signed in with an ID that has sufficient access and permissions to enter new Operator codes. A Level 10 such as the OWN login which ships with Collect! is fine. Once you've entered the Operators setup screen, follow the screenshot example above.

tip.gif By default, Clients with single Client numbers are set up as User Level 98, Guest. This level grants READ ONLY access to all Fields, except Notes.

Important aspects:

  1. In the Type field, select Client. A new field, Client # becomes visible.
  2. Enter the Client # that this user will be approved for access to. You MUST put a value in this field for this to work right. If you leave this blank, Collect! will not allow the Client to sign into Collect!.
  3. To enable Clients to see only their records, we have to switch ON "Security" in the Operator Detail.
  4. Unless your Client indicates otherwise for security reasons of their own, switch ON " Password never expires" for your Client's ease of use on the system.
  5. Click OK or Press F8 to save your changes and exit the setup screen.

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