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Metro 2 Format - K1 Segment

The K1 Segment contains the name of the Original Creditor and the Creditor Classification code. This segment must be included whenever an account is reported by collection agencies, debt collectors, factoring companies and others. This information is reported to help consumers identify the source of accounts when they appear on credit reports. Without the original creditor names, consumers may not know what the accounts represent.

In the image below, the fields in the K1 Segment are partitioned and identified. Actually, this is one long string of data in the reporting file.

In the tables below,

  • Field is the Metro 2 Format Field number
  • Field Name is taken from the Metro 2 Format. Refer to the Field Number and Field Name when you are trying to determine CBR requirements for particular areas.
  • Length and Position can be used as reference points when you are examining actual data in the report as Collect! generates it.
  • Source is the field in Collect! where the information is pulled from, or some sort of internal value, as indicated.
K1 Segment
FieldField NameLengthPositionSource
1Segment Identifier21-2K1
2Original Creditor Name303-32Client Name
3Creditor Classification233-34Client Type

The next table clearly displays each database field name from Collect! to help you determine more easily where information is coming from.

K1 Segment Record Database Fields
Metro 2 Field NameDatabase Form and FieldLength Position
Original Creditor NameClient Name303-32
Creditor ClassificationClient Type233-34

tip.gif Collect! uses the 426 character format when creating the credit reporting file in Metro 2 Format.

For more information, please refer to your credit reporting manual or consult with your credit bureau representative.

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