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Metro 2 Format - J2 Segment

The J2 Segment accommodates the requirements of ECOA when reporting credit. It is included in the reporting file if the cosigner is being reported. The J2 Segment applies when the associated consumer resides at a different address than the individual being reported. It is included every time the account is reported.

In the image below, the fields in the J2 Segment are partitioned and identified. Actually, this is one long string of data in the reporting file.

In the tables below,

  • Field is the Metro 2 Format Field number
  • Field Name is taken from the Metro 2 Format. Refer to the Field Number and Field Name when you are trying to determine CBR requirements for particular areas.
  • Length and Position can be used as reference points when you are examining actual data in the report as Collect! generates it.
  • Source is the field in Collect! where the information is pulled from, or some sort of internal value, as indicated.
J2 SegmentDifferent Address
FieldField NameLengthPositionSource
1Segment Identifier21-2J1
2Consumer Transaction Type13Internal
3Surname254-28Debtor Cosigner Name
4First Name2029-48Debtor Cosigner Name
5Middle Name2049-68BLANK
6Generation Code169Debtor Cosigner Generation
7Social Security Number970-78Debtor Cosigner SSN
8Date of Birth879-86Debtor Cosigner DOB
9Telephone Number1087-96Debtor Cosigner Home
10ECOA Code197Debtor Cosigner ECOA
11Consumer Information Indicator298-99Debtor Cosigner Indicator
12Country Code2100-101Debtor Cosigner Country
13First Line of Address32102-133Debtor Cosigner Address Line 1
14Second Line of Address32134-165Debtor Cosigner Address Line 2
15City20166-185Debtor Cosigner City
16State2186-187Debtor Cosigner State
17Postal/Zip Code9188-196Debtor Cosigner Zip
18Address Indicator1197Debtor Cosigner Address OK
19Residence Code1198BLANK

The next table clearly displays each database field name from Collect! to help you determine more easily where information is coming from.

J2 Segment Record Database FieldsDifferent Address
Metro 2 Field NameDatabase Form and FieldLength Position
Segment IdentifierJ121-2
SurnameDebtor Cosigner Name254-28
First NameDebtor Cosigner Name2029-48
Social Security NumberDebtor Cosigner SSN970-78
Date of BirthDebtor Cosigner DOB879-86
Telephone NumberDebtor Cosigner Home1087-96
ECOA CodeDebtor Cosigner ECOA197
Consumer Information IndicatorDebtor Cosigner Indicator298-99
Country CodeDebtor Cosigner Country2100-101
First Line of AddressDebtor Cosigner Address Line 132102-133
Second Line of AddressDebtor Cosigner Address Line 232134-165
CityDebtor Cosigner City20166-185
StateDebtor Cosigner State2186-187
Postal/Zip CodeDebtor Cosigner Zip9188-196
Address IndicatorDebtor Cosigner Address OK1197

tip.gif Collect! uses the 426 character format when creating the credit reporting file in Metro 2 Format.

For more information, please refer to your credit reporting manual or consult with your credit bureau representative.

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