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Low Db Ram Exit

warning.gif WARNING: Your system is DANGEROUSLY low on memory!

The database engine has reported insufficient RAM memory and it is not safe to proceed.

This program is being aborted now. You can restart the program, but you should check the amount of system memory available by typing 'mem' at the C:\> prompt.

If your system memory pool is too small, you can increase it by unloading resident programs (such as screen savers) or by using a memory manager such as QEMM, QEMM or Memmaker.

To solve memory related problems, please read the files SWTEST.TXT, TELLME.TXT, and CFG286.TXT. You need at least several hundred Kbytes of free conventional memory, and at least 1 MB of available extended memory. Total memory available should be at least 2MB. 4MB is recommended.

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