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Introduction To Email Setup

Collect! can email directly when printing or when on forms that have specific Email fields. Setup to use the email feature is not necessary within Collect! if you are currently using a MAPI email protocol. If your email system is controlled by the SMTP protocol, you will just have to enter your email server address.

When Collect! is directed to send an email, we pass the command to your email program and your operating system takes it from there. So, if you can email outside of Collect! then you will be able to email from within Collect!.

You may have to set up your email program to allow other programs to use your email program. WindowsXP Office, for example, has a check box "Allow other programs to use Outlook Express." This must be checked, or you will be prompted that you are emailing from another program, an extra step that can confuse the user.

Understand that printing to Email is different than printing a report to paper. Sending an email from your office does not necessarily mean that the recipient will receive the email, or that the report will look exactly the same as when you sent it. Every email server, or Internet service, can default a different look to the document sent. Email yourself the output to make sure you are happy with your settings and with the output. Still, remember that the user across the country, or even across the hallway, may not have their system set up the same way. You have no control over this.

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