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How To Use Math With Database Fields

You can use math in reports or letters when printing database information. For example, you could use @(de.ow-de.fe) or @(de.ow/3) or @(

Parentheses () are supported, enabling you to build complex equations. Notice that in these equations, as illustrated above, math functions start with the @ and contain NO SPACES. Field identifiers are entered WITHOUT the @ sign.



This function Adds (+) the debtor's Principal and Fees.


This function Adds (+) the "To Us" and "Direct" amounts recorded in a transaction. The result is a total transaction amount, regardless of being paid to the agency or directly to the Client.


This function Multiplies (*) a debtor's Owing times 1.5% interest to print the current interest charges.


This function divides (/) the debtor's Owing by three. Be sure the division operator slants in the right direction!

Printing math calculations based on database fields is covered further in How To topics addressing the use of Lists and Loops, Conditional Expressions, Variables and Totals. These are advanced topics and should only be attempted if you are able to produce basic reports that consistently output data correctly.

If you find that these concepts are more complicated than your design time allows, the Collect! support team can produce quality custom reports for you. See How To Order Custom Reports.

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