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The Collect! Member Resource Center is there when you need assistance 24/7/365. Online Help and the access to the technical Support Ticket system are always open. Our technicians are on 3 continents to better serve world-wide needs in any timezone.
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How To Order Custom Reports

Collect! Technical Services can build custom reports for you, designed to display and print whatever you need. This service is provided on a fee basis.

New Reports - Sending Information To Technical Services

Before we begin a custom report project, we need information about your requirements. To provide correct and complete information, please take the time to design a "mock-up" that shows EXACTLY the information you want to print, the layout and headings you want, the page margins and any other elements of your report. This mock-up can be designed in your word processor and sent to us as an email attachment or a copy can be faxed.

This mock-up can be annotated with any additional information that clarifies your request (i.e. what Collect! field the information will be taken from.)

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Help With Your Report Design

If you require help with a report you are designing yourself or you want us to complete a report that you have started, we ask that you provide us with a print-out of the results you are getting. Please fax us a copy of the output report. As well, we require the codes that you are using in your design. In the Report Definition form, choose Print, Reports and Letters, Quick Print to print the codes in your report body.

Please fax both the output and the quick print results. Also, please include an explanation describing what is wrong or what you were trying to do.


You can send your actual report as an email attachment. To do this, when you are at the Main Menu screen, choose Print, Report Import Export, Export Report. Select your report from the Report Definition list. Give your file a name. After the export procedure is finished, an .rpt file with this name will be found in the Collect! application folder. For example, C:\CV11\bin\myreport.rpt.

Send an email to Technical Services to initiate communication using the link below. Be sure to enter an appropriate description in the Email Subject or your request will be rejected.


Attach your file to this email to us with details of the problem you are having and the results you are trying to achieve.

A support ticket will be created as a result of your email. Collect! Technical Services will normally acknowledge use this ticket to confirm receipt of your information and files and communicate with you.

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Email Address

Email your requests, attachments and information to:

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When Your Report Is Ready

When your report is finished, Comtech will email it to you along with any additional information that is necessary. Please refer to How To Import A Report for information on getting your new report into Collect!

Visit our web site for additional help and support topics:

Check the sample reports and letters that ship with Collect! and visit our web site.

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