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How To Close LBSS Client Accounts

It is important to understand that accounts for an LBSS Client cannot be closed by you. You must send a request to the Client via LBSS. You do this with a special Contact plan event.

The note code in this example 'MAE - All efforts expended -
supervisor review' can be used by the Client to trigger an account recall.

For us to send this note to the Client, we created a Contact plan as follows:

Contact Plan
DescriptionAll efforts expended - supervisor review
Contact Event
DescriptionMAE All efforts expended - supervisor review
Assign to specific operatorYes
Schedule immediatelyYes
RepeatNo repeat

When we want to send this note code to the Client, we run this Contact plan on the Debtor, and the note code will be sent to the Client the next time the Agency Upload export process is run.

Demographic Updates

When the name, phone number or address of the primary Debtor is changed, the Edit Date of the Debtor record is updated. This date is used when transmitting updates if you specify a date range for the Changed From and To fields in the Export menu.

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