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Export Report Template

The Export Report Template option enables you to export a report, or several selected reports, from Collect! to an external *.rpt ASCII text file. Select Print from the top menu bar and then select Customize Printing from the drop-down choices. A submenu will be displayed. Select Export Report Template.

1. When you select Export Report Template, the Report Definition list will display all of the reports that are available for exporting.

2. Choose the report you wish to export. You may also select several reports at once. The Export Collect! Report dialog will open so that you may select a location to save your report in. Please make sure you enter a name for the file that the report will be saved as.

tip.gif Please give the report a name that you will recognize easily. Collect! will give your report an *.rpt extension. The file will be saved in the directory you selected. (For example, C:\report templates\myreport.rpt)

3. Next you will get an option to export your printer control codes. Normally, you would select No.

4. Collect! will let you know if your export was successful and will display the name and location of the newly created file. If you selected multiple reports, they will all be saved to the same *.rpt file.

5. Please refer to How To Export A Report for further information.

warning.gif WARNING: Opening your *.rpt file in a word processing program can corrupt the file if you forget to save it as Text Only. For safety sake, if you must open the file outside of Collect!, open it in a very simple text editor like Notepad.

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