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CV8 Testbed Setup

This topic steps you through duplicating your entire Collect! system in a new location - to a new server, for the purposes of testing.

It is recommended that you print this document so that you can refer to it while you are copying your database.

The steps we need to perform are:

1. Prepare to copy your database. It is always recommended that you maintain a current backup of your entire Collect! folder.

2. Copy your database by copying the ENTIRE Collect! folder to the new location.

3. Modify your settings on the server to use Collect! in its new location.

4. Test Collect! in your new location to make sure everything is behaving correctly.

The rest of this document gives the details of these important steps, as well as suggestions to help you copy successfully.

Prepare To Copy Your Database

This is one time when you do not need to back up your CV8 folder, as you are only copying files and folders. Do not erase CV8 from the original location, as you will only be creating a test copy independent of your working database.

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Copy Your Database

To begin, we will copy your entire Collect! folder to its new location. This should be done after hours, when you have exclusive access to CV8.

1. Make sure that no one is using Collect!

2. On your working server, shut down the Lock Manager. To make sure that all users are disconnected, reboot your server.

3. Copy your entire CV8 directory to your new location. Make sure the copying operation successfully copies all Collect! folders and files without interruption.

These instructions assume that you have a default setup of CV8. That means all files and folders are contained within the CV8 directory. If you have a custom setup, with folders outside of the CV8 directory, please see the TROUBLESHOOTING section below.

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Modify Your Settings

After copying your database, you will need to create a new Desktop shortcut for your test copy of Collect!. You can do this by navigating, in Windows Explorer, to the copy of your Collect! folder you have just created on your test server, right clicking on the CV8.exe and selecting Send To - Desktop. The shortcut created will automatically be entitled "Shortcut to CV8.exe". You can alter the name of the shortcut by right clicking on it, selecting Rename, and entering a new value.

While it is most likely that you will be using your test bed exclusively in Exclusive Mode, if you decide that you would like to test Shared mode features you will need to update your network settings to refer to your test server. Information on accomplishing this can be found in the document Basic Networking For Using Collect! under the heading At The Server. Keep in mind that in any reference to opening your Collect! shortcut you will need to use your new shortcut to the test copy of Collect! and not a shortcut pointing to your original database.

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Test Collect!

Your test copy of Collect! is now ready for use. Note that you will not be able to run your test copy of Collect! concurrently with your original live copy on the same machine, unless you update your shortcuts with the /m switch as described in the document Command Line Startup Options, under the heading Start Multiple Copies of Collect!.

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Troubleshooting New Server

CUSTOM SETUP - Are you using a custom setup for notes, attachments, log files, or any other files referenced by Collect!? Do you store your attachments, log files, etc. outside of the Collect! folder?

If the answer is 'yes', you may have to copy additional folders from your original location, or change your new settings so that Collect! can find the files. Please keep your original settings in mind and make adjustments as necessary when copying Collect!

If you have questions, please provide Collect! Technical Services with details of your setup when requesting assistance.

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Copying Collect! to a new location involves preparation before you copy your database and configuring settings afterward. A successful copy depends on following all of the steps presented in this document.

If you need to contact Collect! Technical Services about issues experienced during copying Collect! or issues that appear to be the result of copying Collect! for use as a test platform, please have any relevant information relating to your network settings and specifics of the issue you are experiencing on hand.

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