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Contact Completed

When you try to exit from the Debtor form, Collect! will check whether the Debtor record has been changed, and will ask some questions before allowing you to exit. This is done to help make sure no accounts are left without having at least one remaining Contact scheduled.

If you have made changes to the Debtor record, for instance, added notes, closed the Debtor, or ran a contact plan, Collect! will ask if you have completed the current contact item you are working on. If you answer "Yes," the contact will be marked as Done. Otherwise, the Contact will be left In Progress, and will remain in your To Do list.

If the contact is done, then Collect! checks to see if any contacts remain for the debtor. If not, then Collect! will automatically create a contact using the WIP default settings. You can modify the contact to any date and type of contact you require.

If you work debtors outside of your To Do List or if you have switched on 'Future contact not required', then you will not be alerted when you are leaving a debtor with no contact 'In Progress.' Caution is advised here as you may end up with neglected or "Forgotten" debtors.

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