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Address Not OK

You may have asked to print a letter but the Debtor's address is not valid.

Notices are printed only if Collect! determines that the Address is OK.

There are two ways Collect! determines whether or not the Address is OK to print to.

1. You can tell Collect! the address is OK by switching ON "Address OK" with a check mark in the Debtor form.

2. You can use the Required Address Fields form to set mandatory address lines that must be filled. Collect! will not print to one of these bad addresses, even if the Debtor's "Address OK" switch is ON.


1. Let Collect! finish printing this batch of letters.

2. When the batch is done, you can review the Application Log through System, Diagnostics.

3. Select "Batch" to view events related to your batch process and "Report."

4. Review all Debtors listed in the log. Either enter a valid address or switch ON the Address OK switch for the Debtors whose letters you wish to print.

5. If a Debtor does not have a valid address you should consider removing any scheduled Letter Contacts from their Contact list.

This help screen appears the first time you try printing a scheduled notice to a Debtor with the Print switch off. The Debtor's file number will be recorded in the Application Log file.

If you are having trouble printing Debtor notices please check the Debtor form and verify that the Address OK field has an X in it on every Debtor for whom you want to print a letter.

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