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An option available with Collect! is the ability to report your debtor to the major credit bureaus.

Studies show credit reporting alters payment behavior. Many consumers indicate that they would be more likely to pay their financial obligations on time - even during economic distress - if those payments were fully reported to one or more national credit bureaus and consumer reporting agencies and impacted their credit scores.

Selecting this option is recommended in order to maximize the possibility of a successful collection. Reporting the delinquent debt to the credit bureaus is a serious act that should be considered with every account.

Once reported, the negative impact upon the debtor may affect them for up to seven years. The negative credit report may limit a debtor's ability to obtain credit, negatively impacts a debtor's credit history and may even limit debtor's ability to obtain employment. Often, if the initial contact of your letters, messages or phone calls does not get their attention, a debtor will contact you months or years later and want to clear the debt.

This feature is available as a purchasable option with all versions of Collect! and is included in the Enterprise edition.

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Credit Bureaus

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Integration TransUnion TransUnion LLC is the global provider of information and decision-processing services, maintaining one of the largest databases of consumer credit information in the world. With more than 4,000 employees worldwide, the company serves a broad range of industries including financial and banking services, insurance providers, mortgage and real estate services, direct marketers and retailers, collection agencies, communication and energy companies, and healthcare facilities. TransUnion serves all 50 states and multiple international markets through its own sales offices and independent credit bureaus. TransUnion is a privately held corporation.

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