Contact Management

Process large numbers of accounts quickly and efficiently with Collect!'s time-saving and versatile contact management. Set up customized collection strategies uniquely tailored to your business model.

Apply your collection strategies manually, or batch process scheduling with Collect!'s exceptional contact management automation. Schedule letters and phone calls, post fees, write notes and set status codes. And what's more? Track promises, monitor forwarded accounts, activate or close an account, allocate workloads, forward accounts to different desks, alert operators of tasks to be performed and edit information on the Debtor form.

Conveniently run batches of prescheduled tasks behind the scenes if they don't require an operator's attention. Queue collectors' assignments in Collect!'s highly effective and adaptable To Do List. Sort and manage the work queue with several popular options - schedule by priority to manage a client blitz, or sort by dollar value, status and other criteria. Review a complete history of all communications made to a debtor at any time. Manage your Client contacts with the same versatile and high-performance tools.

  • Layout and implement collection strategies according to your business model
  • Schedule reviews, promises, calls, letters and more
  • Schedule next action on a whole series of actions
  • Forward accounts to any desk or work queue instantly
  • Efficient collector work queue
  • Ultra flexible contact management and collection strategies
  • Automatic checks to ensure collector account follow up
  • Auto trigger status by timelines
  • Automated collection strategies
  • Rule based contact management
  • Track and schedule communication with related internal and external parties
  • Maintain complete contact history
  • Email, sending and history
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