Batch Processing

Manage thousands of accounts quickly, easily and effectively. You have full control with the power of conditional actions and Collect!'s high performance database engine.

The user-friendly, multifunctional Batch Processing wizard steps you through processing batches of accounts. Process thousands of accounts per hour. There are many ways to select accounts to process and many processes you can execute.

Check or change account status, Post transactions. Send letters. Schedule reviews. Assign follow-ups. Activate or close accounts. Write notes. Use the uniquely functional "Schedule if" to apply virtually any conditions to your process. Combine the power of batch processing with fast indexed searches using Find By, F6 and in lists.

Collect!'s batch processing feature is designed to handle your toughest assignments for processing thousands of accounts at once. Performance is quite remarkable. Maximize efficiency and productivity with this speedy, simplified, work-saving approach and enhance your business success.

  • Set status, post transactions and schedule next action in a batch
  • Search database by name, phone, action, status, listed date
  • Process changes to account information in a batch
  • Flexible queries by your selected criteria
  • Find by many specifics, including name, phone, ssn, zip and account number
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