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Client Topics

The following links provide you with a comprehensive list of Client related topics from setup to running month end remittances. The sections will highlight important decisions and considerations necessary to be made at initial setup so that the way the system interacts which each Client's accounts will be in accordance and compliance with each one of your Clients requirements.

Client Basics
Overview of the Client record and how the software relates with this record in its file structure hierarchy.

Client Settings Basics
Provides purpose and effects of software switch settings in the Client Advanced Settings screen.

How to Enter A New Client
To access the Client setup window, input a new Client and set all the switches to meet this Client's directives.

Other Uses For The Client Screen and Handy Utility Writeback Reports
This topic covers how you can manage large scale changes when one small detail such as commission rate needs to be changed. You will also find suggestions of other types of data which may be stored in Client lists that need to be accessible in your operation.

How to Generate and Print Remittance Statements
Everything you need to know to create, print, reprint, and interpret Invoice/ Statements and Checks.

How To Setup Invoice Numbering
This topic covers how to accommodate Clients who require a unique invoice number on their remittance invoice/statements.

How To Remit Net or Gross or Combined Funds
Discusses the difference between the three types of Agency remittance, how Collect! manages the figures under each type and how to set up a Client to ensure their specific remittance type is recognized by Collect!

Changing Commission Rate By Contact Plan
Choose this if you have the need to make a mass update for a Client's commission rate that has been changed and needs to be updated retroactively to your shelf inventory as well as new accounts going forward.

Commission Rate Plan Basics
This topic discusses how to setup unique rate plans for Clients who have complex or tiered contingency rate structures based on criteria such as listed amount, age of account, or paid to date, and more. This section covers the full complement of Collect!'s rate plan types.

Setup Client Login
Review this topic if you have Clients who require realtime access to your system to audit their own accounts. It covers how to ensure proper security of the login to restrict your Client's access to their own business and not allow access to other areas of your system.

Integrated Client Management
This topic covers how you can work your Clients, or prospective Clients, within the system with scheduled contact events.

Client Attachment
This subject covers the Attachment Tab in the Client screen, Fields it contains and options of usage.

Client Contact
Discusses the many uses of the Contact Tab associated with each Client.

Client Notes
This topic covers how to use the Client Notes Tab.

Discusses how to use the Client Payment Tab

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