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Timer List

The Timer List displays all of your Timer tasks. These may be running or stopped. You can select any of the Timers to start tracking time on that particular job. Several Timers may be running at once. Collect! will keep track of the time spent on each of them and record the Elapsed time for each unique Timer ID in the Timer List.

Useful Note Be sure to write your tallies to file before closing Collect!.

Timer List


This is the unique ID for each Timer task so that Collect! can track the time spent on each particular job.

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This column displays the word "Running" when the Timer is active or it displays the accumulated time if the Timer is stopped.

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Select the NEW button to create a NEW Timer task.

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Select the EDIT button to start or stop a Timer or to edit the Timer ID.

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Select the DELETE button to remove a Timer from your list. Be careful as this completely erases the Timer and the total time tracked for this Timer task!

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