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TCN Schedule Calls

The TCN Schedule Calls window is used to set the parameters for the call campaign you are sending to TCN to run. Some of the fields are filled in for you, but these can also be modified. Enter here the descriptive name to identify this call list, the date/time you want the campaign to be run, dial order, timezone, and selection criteria that you will be using to create your call list. The name of the account selection report you use in "Print\ Reports and Letters" is what you use to indicate the list criteria you are using.

Collect! ships with 3 reports that are set up already in the TCN environment and will function without any further setup or configuration.

TCN Schedule Calls

Useful Note If you enter invalid data in any of the fields, you will be prompted to correct the information.

Invalid Information Entered

Useful Note TCN Campaign processing requires that you have established an account with TCN Broadcasting and that you have entered your login credentials in the TCN Setup screen in Collect!.

TCN Setup

Please refer to Help topic, How to Schedule a TCN Call Campaign, for detailed steps.


Enter a short unique description for this call campaign.

Useful Note Use a unique description for this particular call campaign so that you can recognize it in the list later on when you are ready to process the results.

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Select your country area from the pick list. In most cases, you will not need to alter this, unless you are campaigning on several continents.

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Don't Verify Duplicate Numbers

Select this option to tell TCN not to check this campaign for duplicate phone numbers submitted in the last 24 hours. By Default, TCN will filter out the duplicates to prevent the same number from being called too frequently.

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Enter the Date that you want the call campaign to run. Default is the current Date. You can change this as needed.

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Enter the Time that you want the call campaign to begin. Default is the current Time. You can change this as needed.

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Enter the Time that you want the call campaign to end. Default is End of Day or when the calls are completed, whichever comes first. If you enter an invalid time, you will be prompted to correct your information.

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Dial Order

This setting is used when you are sending multiple phone numbers for each account in your report. It controls the order in which numbers are attempted. A good default is "First number." The setting "Natural order" dials the numbers in the order in which they appear in the report template, from left to right.

Be aware that when you select "First number," TCN will only dial the first number it finds, even if you have used one of the report templates that sends up to 4 phone numbers.

The setting "Custom" may be selected if you have previously set up a custom dialing order with your TCN representative.

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Time Zone

Enter the Timezone you are using for your Start and End Time. This field may be filled automatically if you set a Timezone in the TCN Setup window located in the menu path "System\Preferences\TCN Setup".

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Import Template Number

Select the import template from the pick list. The options shown are the available templates set up for you at the TCN site.

You can customize the Import Template that you use for your call campaigns on the TCN side. You would also need to create new extract report(s) in Collect! that will write out records to match your settings on the TCN website.

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Schedule Template Number

Select the type of calling template you want to use for this broadcast. The options for this setting are from your individual site Broadcast setup on the TCN website side of the process.

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Report Name

Select the name of the Report that you will be using to create your call campaign as it is identified in your Print Menu.

It is important that the output format of the report matches a default Import Template of the same name at the TCN website. Their campaign upload process is always looking to match the name of your call campaign to a predefined template on their side.

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Scrub Cell Phone Calls

Select this option with a check mark if you want TCN to scrub cell phones for the campaign you are scheduling.

This option requires that you have enabled cell phone scrubbing with your TCN Broadcasting representative.

See the Help topic, Scheduling a Call Campaign, for more information.

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Click this button for help on the Schedule Calls screen and links to related topics.

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Select this to return to the previous screen.

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Select this to create your call campaign and upload it to the TCN website to be run.

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