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Read Configuration File

Useful Note This topic no longer applies to users running 12.6 or later as Collect! now exclusively reads the INI file, not the CFG file.

Selecting the Read Configuration File command will cause Collect! to load all the settings in the collect.ini file from the Collect\config folder. This is useful to customize a number of settings at the same time, or to restore your settings after creating a new collect.cfg for troubleshooting purposes.

Useful Note This file must have been previously created using the Write Configuration File option and edited to suit your purposes, if needed.

The Read Configuration File function loads all the settings and switches in the collect.ini file in the config folder of your Collect! installation. For example, Collect\config\collect.ini.

Collect.ini in the Config Folder

Select System from the top menu bar and then select Network and Environment from the drop-down choices. Select Read Configuration File to load your customized configuration file.

When you select Read Configuration File, the process completes very quickly and a message informs you of its success.

Read Configuration File message

It is a good idea to sign out of Collect! after loading your settings and then sign back in to see the results.

If Collect! is not able to read the configuration file, you will see an appropriate message.

Read Configuration Failed

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