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How To Set Up Printing Letters Via Web Host

Letters and reports may be printed directly from the Web Host with a few simple setup steps.

To Print Letters Directly from Web Host:

  • Import letters into Web Host Report Definition list.

    Letters should be taken from the current list of reports in your working database so that you are sure of the output you want.

  • Edit letters for displaying as HTML.
  • Edit the Report Options to ensure they display in the correct operator list.

These steps are outlined below.

Useful Note Please make sure you do not use a letter that prompts the end user to enter data, such as a date range or a dollar amount using the 'criteria = ?' method. If you need prompts, you will need to build them into your HTML code that calls

the reports the pass the variables through. Test print any report or letter that you add to the list.

Import Letters Into Web Host

1. Sign into Collect! as you would normally, NOT the Web Host. From the Collect! Report Definition list, export the letters that you want to print via the Web Host and then sign into Collect! in Web Host mode and import them into the Web Host Report Definition list.

Please refer to How to Export a Report and How to Import a Report for detailed steps.

Useful Note You can change your report library to the web host report library while signed into Collect! in normal mode. Please refer to the Help topic How to Select an Report Library for more Information.

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Edit Letters

Each of the letters imported must be edited for printing in the Web Host.

Place the following lines at the top of the report body for each letter. Please make sure they are EXACTLY as shown below.

@SETde.dbaddress = @vardbaddr
@no html

@tvarTxt = "window.print();" if (@varprint = 2)


Place the following line at the bottom of the report body for each letter.


Useful Note Further formatting may be necessary to get the spacing and font size right. Use standard HTML tags just as you would in other HTML pages. This would require some prior knowledge of the HTML language and formatting principles.

Useful Note You can place the contents into an include file and place it in the html\global\print folder for easy editing.

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Edit The Report Options

If not already done so, make sure that the 'start on' field is filled in properly. It should have filled in when the report was imported.

In the report, click on the OPTIONS button to open the report options. If you want to restrict this report or letter to a specific set of user levels (i.e. not letting clients see it), please fill in the applicable user level ranges.

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