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How To Auto Dial

There are two ways to automatically dial phone numbers from your Collect! program. One is the Auto Dialer and the other is Predictive Dialer.

Useful Note The AUTO DIALER is simply a tool to automate the dialing of a phone number so that the operator does not have to dial the number manually. Predictive dialers are expensive automation packages that can repeatedly dial lists of numbers until a connection is made. The AUTO DIALER feature should not be confused with the PREDICTIVE DIALER feature.

Auto Dialer

Double-click your mouse on a phone number and the built-in Auto Dialer dials the number for you. You can dial in the background, leaving you free to continue working while waiting for the phone.

Select a phone contact from your WIP list and the auto dialer can automatically start dialing.

It's quick and easy!

Useful Note Switch ON "Automatically display dialer" in the WIP Options to start dialing automatically when you select a Phone type contact from your WIP List.

The Auto dialer can be controlled by pulling down the Tools menu and choosing Dial a Number, or by double-clicking or pressing F2 on a phone number field.

When the dialer starts, it picks up the phone line, waits a moment to get a dial tone, and then dials the number you chose. Pick up your handset to gain control of the phone line.

If you want to hang up without picking up your handset, double-click the phone number field again, or pull down the Tools menu and choose Hang Up Phone.

Phone number fields are indicated with a small Up arrow at the end of the field.

Dial Phone

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Setting Up The Auto Dialer

Setup may require your technician. It is important that you supply him with all the necessary information needed. Please refer to How To Setup the Auto Dialer.

Useful Note Please ensure that you have installed the Phone Dialer that is part of your operating system software. Check that this feature is functioning outside of Collect! If it is not installed or does not work, it will not work in Collect! either.

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Predictive Dialers

Predictive dialers maximize operator on-call time by automatically popping accounts on the operator screens as calls are connected by the dialer.

Collect! easily links with predictive dialers. Each dialer system has its own way of doing things, so Collect! offers two standard ways of linking with the dialers.

We are aware of links with Noble Systems, CT Center and EIS dialer systems. Please contact your dialer vendor for information about linking to third party software, or have your dialer vendor communicate with our technical staff.

Please refer to the Help topic How to Use the Predictive Dialer for more information.

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