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Generate Statements And Invoices

Month end statements are easy to calculate and generate. The correct Date Range to use is already displayed for you. You don't have to change these dates, unless you have special requirements.

Generate a statement for each of your clients, or select a range of clients, or a billing period.

Please don't attempt to generate statements spanning more than one full month, or you may not get the results you expect.

Useful Note The Date displayed on the Statement will be ONE DAY AFTER the TO date selected when you generate the statements. So a full month statement, e.g. January 1st to January 31st, will have the Statement Date, February 1st.

Accessing Generate Statements And Invoices

There are two ways to access this form.

1. From the Main Menu, select the Month End option. Then select Generate Statements.

2. Select Print from the top menu bar and then select Monthly Reports from the drop-down choices. Select Generate Statements from the sub-menu.

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Month End Statements

Month end statements are an easy, three step process.

1. Choose Monthly End from the Main Menu and then select Generate Statements from the Month End menu. Leave the dates as they are and select OK.

2. Choose Browse Statements to see the statements you just created.

3. Choose Print Statements to print the latest statement batch. Leave the dates as they are and select OK.

Automatically generated statements contain the following information:

1. Transactions which were paid to the client will be listed at this time, for commission payment by the client.

2. Transactions paid to the agency will be listed, and they are to be sent along with payment to the client within the next month.

3. Any other amounts owed to the client on a transaction by transaction basis will be listed, after the commission has been subtracted.

For more help, please refer to How to Generate and Print Invoices and Statements.

Useful Note You can also schedule statement generating using Collect!'s Scheduler.

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Client #

Select a range of Clients to generate statements for.

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Clients With Billing Period

Select the billing period for which you wish to generate statements.

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Date Range

Pick a range to cover in your statements. Select the small calendar icon to display the calendar.

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Choose the beginning of a range to include in the statements.

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Choose the end of a range to include in the statements. The Statement Date will be ONE DAY AFTER the date you select.

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Press this button for help on the Generate Statements and Invoices screen and links to related topics.

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Selecting this ignores any changes you may have made and returns you to the previous screen.

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Selecting this begins the generating process using the settings you have chosen.

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