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WIP Reload Filters Basics

The WIP Reload Filters is where you control the types of Contacts and volumes of the same that are to be loaded into your WIP list. The menu path to this screen is from any WIP list, click Reload then click Reload WIP Filters.

Promise, Phone, Review and Other are Contact Types which are loaded into WIPs by default. You can choose specific Contact types or All types. Depending on your office, either choice could considerably increase or decrease the WIP List size.

If your company has large volumes of Letters, Credit Bureau Reporting Files and other types of Administrative Contacts which may exist as In Progress on the accounts, we'd recommend using the Load Selected Types option as the first filter, then select the contact Types that revolve around the work the Collector needs to do.

With Junior Collectors, you might find their learning curve and workstandard habits are easier to sculpt if you give them a fixed order of operations that they are to work their Accounts: Promise, then Phone, then Review, then Other. In Statuses: NEW, then HOT, then ACT, then SKP or TRC (trace). With special instruction for what times of day are primetime and which Contact Types/statuses you want them working during primetime. In all combinations/permutations, there is also the Priority hierarchy of High/Medium/Low, and this additional parameter can be used in the workplan triage of accounts being worked either with filters or more simply, by sorting the sub-WIP with the target Types and Statuses in ascending or descending order in the Priority column of the To Do List.

You can control how far ahead your Collectors can access scheduled accounts with future work dates with the Look Ahead Days filter and you can control how many files they can load into a WIP list at any given time with the Load Maximum switch.

Summarily, the WIP Reload Filters screen helps you keep the Collectors focused on the accounts you want them working by allowing strategic sorting and sub-WIP expression of the inventory on their desks.

WIP Reload Filters Screen

tip.gif Selected Contact Types will be used as defaults when Collect! searches for pending contacts if you have enabled Schedule Next Contact functionality.

Accessing WIP Reload Filters

The WIP Reload Filters screen may be accessed 4 different ways. Which you choose will depend on the user Level and personal navigating preferences..

  1. Using the menu bar at the top of the screen, \System\Preferences\Plans and Reference Tables\WIP Options\WIP Filters and the screen labeled WIP Reload Filters will appear.
  2. From the Main Menu, click \System Administration\Setup and Configuration\Plans and Reference Tables\WIP Options\ WIP Filters and the WIP Reload Filter screen will be displayed.
  3. From the Main Menu, click Work In Progress then click the Reload button. This will open the Reload Work In Progress window and the WIP Reload Filters button is in the upper right corner.
  4. From the inside of any Contact event screen, you can click the Defaults button in the lower right corner which will popup the WIP Options window. Then select the WIP Filters button just beneath the OK button in the lower right corner and the WIP Reload Filters screen will open.

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