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Using Color In Collect!

The following links take you to help topics explaining how to use color in Collect!. Many examples and code snippets are also supplied in the Demonstration database that ships with Collect!.

Color Chart
This color chart supplies sample basic colors that you may use in Collect!. Hex and RGB values are displayed for each color.

Operator - Notes Color
Color settings for Debtor Notes displayed for individual operators.

Access Rights - Color
Color settings for a field's background color.

Changing Field Background Color
Explains how to globally change a field's background colors for all users.

How To Modify Or Create A Pick List
Use a pick list to change field colors according to the choice you select.

How To Use Control Files
Change the color of fields according to conditions that you set.

How To Control Font Attributes
Use Device Context printing commands to change font colors.

How To Position Text And Graphics
Change the color of text and draw lines and shapes in color in your reports.

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