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Post-Dated Payment Topics

Introduction to Post-Dated Payments
What is a Post-Dated Payment? Using post-dated transactions for promised payments.

Post-Dated Payments - Quick Tour
This is a quick tour of the steps involved when you post a post-dated payment agreement to an account.

Post-Dated Payments - Step By Step
This walks you through creating the post-dated transaction for a post-dated payment and shows you how to post a payment and manage financial activity for the post-dated payment agreement.

Revolving Post-Dated Payment
Direct debit agreements may be automated with post-dated payments and the contact plan.

How To Manage Post-Dated Checks
This topic explains a scenario complete with letters and contact plans for a comprehensive handling of direct debit promises to pay. Members may download the reports and contact plans from the Member Center to implement this solution.

Run Plan on Last Payment Date
This topic explains how you can schedule a contact plan to run on the last payment date of any payment schedule you set up. This is a very flexible feature.

Billing Tree Module
The Billing Tree add-on module enables you to automatically process payments by credit card or bank draft. You can post single payments or set up a schedule for recurring payments.

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