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Orphaned Account Search

The Orphaned Account Search runs the Orphaned Debtor Report. Select Tools from the top menu bar and then select Utilities from the drop-down choices. Select Orphaned Account Search to begin.

The Orphaned Debtor Report is actually a maintenance function to help you manage your accounts. This report examines your accounts and lists any neglected accounts that it finds with Active Mode and no current contact 'In Progress' and any accounts with no Mode selected. When the report is run, you can automatically schedule a contact for each of the accounts that the report lists.

Working your accounts using the To Do List enables Collect! to automatically ensure that no Debtor is left without an active contact. If you switch OFF this setting, or manage your accounts outside the To Do List, some Debtors may end up neglected with no pending contacts scheduled. Without a current contact 'In Progress', these accounts might be "Forgotten."

When accounts are imported, users sometimes forget to set the Mode on the accounts as they are imported and this results in accounts with no Mode selected. Mode is used to determine many processes performed on accounts. Without a Mode selected, these accounts are "Orphaned."

Run the Orphaned Debtor Report to catch these anomalies. You can schedule a review contact for any debtors found so that you, or your operators, can examine these accounts. You may choose to schedule a review to one specific operator, or back to the operator owning the account.

Please see Orphaned Debtor Report for details.

tip.gif The Orphaned Account Search is an excellent management tool for scheduling reviews for accounts if an operator forgets to do this. This gives you the ability to let your operators work without interruption or unnecessary prompts. Simply run the search regularly to easily ensure that no accounts have been neglected.

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