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Introduction To Printing Checks

Collect!'s report writer prints check information directly to check forms. Any necessary information can be printed with a few modifications to the check report that you use. Check forms may be purchased from a wide variety of vendors, such as the Internet, or many office supply stores.

The samples that ship with Collect! are formatted for the very common Form #1000 forms. This template has a colored checked at the top of the page, a void check portion in the middle, and an area for other information at the bottom. This report is designed for banking requirements and specifications, including account and transit numbers in the MICR font specified.

You may use Collect!'s sample Form #1000 check reports to print checks for money you owe your clients, as well as for checks for debtor payments taken over the phone. Collect! Technical Services can supply sample check forms for other needs, such as a check for a client that owes you money, or a company check for an attorney fee.

Printing checks requires only that you choose a form to print to and decide where to store the bank information. Collect! has many fields where you can enter bank account details. Modifying the check report to pull this information is easily done.

If your business prints only a few checks, you may print them as you need them, one at a time. If your check printing increases in volume, you might benefit from printing your checks through a batch process using Collect!'s Print to Batch Operator feature.

For large volumes of checks, you may also print the check information to a file and send it to an ACH processing vendor.

Separate documents about each check type will have suggestions for entering bank and account information.

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