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Import Report Template

The Import Report Template option lets you import a report into Collect!. You can import a single report or a group of reports.

You may need to use this procedure for several reasons:

Comtech may have designed a custom report for you and you want to import it into your database.

Collect! ships with many sample reports. Perhaps you would like to use some of them in your working database.

Comtech Systems offers numerous reports at our web site. You may want to download and import some of them.

To access the Import Report Template command, select Print from the top menu bar and then select Customize Printing from the drop-down choices. A submenu will be displayed. Select Import Report Template.

1. When you select Import Report Template, the Import Collect! Report dialog is displayed.

2. Please navigate to the folder that contains the report you wish to import and select the report.

tip.gif Collect! recognizes a report by its *.rpt or *.rtf extension. These are the only types of report files that can be imported into Collect!.

Ensure that the correct report name is displayed in the File Name box and select the OPEN button.

3. Collect! will quickly import your report into your database. If successful, you will see a message telling you so. Please read the information in the message for details about finding your new report in Collect! and using it.

tip.gif You can read detailed steps for importing a report in the Help topic, How to Import a Report.

tip.gif You can import a group of reports saved as an *.rpt file. Please refer to Help topic, Import a Group of Reports for details.

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