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Commission Rate Plan Sample - Setting Min And Max Values

When designing your commission rate plans, there are fields where you can specify minimum and maximum payment amounts to be considered when posting transactions.

When using MIN or MAX values, it may be confusing when the commission rate is displayed. For example, you have a commission rate plan based on Payment Amount, but you have an agreement with your client that the minimum commission amount on any transaction will be set to $25.00.

Setting the minimum values as shown below will guarantee that no matter how small a payment is received, you will always be guaranteed $25.00 (unless, of course, the payment is $15.00. Collect! would then take the complete $15.00.)

Commission Rate Plan - Min and Max Values

When you create a transaction to post a payment of $50.00, Collect! will calculate the rate to be 35%, which would result in a commission amount of $17.50. Then Collect! would check the minimum and maximum values in the appropriate range of the commission rate plan, seeing that a minimum value of $25.00 is set, Collect! would overwrite the commission amount of $17.50 with $25.00. Because $25.00 is equal to 50% of the $50.00 being posted, the commission rate value will be changed from 35% to 50%.

Commission Rate Plan - Min and Max Values

You can also set maximum values for Collect! to consider when posting transactions. The same theory applies.

When you use minimum or maximum values, if they replace the commission amount, Collect! will calculate the percentage of the payment amount they represent and reset the commission rate percent accordingly.

If you are using commission rate plans and feel that the commission is not calculating as it should, check out the commission rate plan. Maybe there are minimum and maximum values present.

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