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Select By Account Operator

Here you can choose account by a range of listed Operators.

If you leave the "From Operator" blank, the batch will include accounts with no Operator up to the operator ID specified in the "To Operator" field.

If you leave the "To Operator" blank, all accounts with an Operator ID greater than or equal to the "From Operator" will be processed.

If you enter an identical valid ID in From and To, then accounts for only one Operator are processed.

tip.gif These are alphanumeric comparisons. That means 1 is before 9, 9 is before A, and A is before Z. Upper and lower case are unimportant.

From Operator

Choose the beginning Operator ID to include in your batch.

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To Operator

Choose the final Operator ID to include in your batch.

Select NEXT to continue or BACK to select a different way of selecting accounts for this batch.

tip.gif When you select NEXT, the form that is displayed depends on the choice you made in the Batch Processing form.

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Press this button for help on the Select By Account Operator dialog and links to related topics.

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Select this to return to the previous form. You can then alter your settings or choose to close the batch processing procedure without running a batch.

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Select this to proceed with the batch process. The form that is displayed depends on the type of batch process you are preparing to run.

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