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Scheduling Letters With Web Host

The Web Host environment enables you to schedule letters, using Letter contacts or contact plans. Once the letters have been scheduled, you can print them in your daily letter batch through Collect!. You can control which letters you want to make available to the web operator.

tip.gif Letters must exist in your Collect! list of report definitions. This is not the same list of reports that you see when signed into Collect! in Web Host mode. It is the list of letters you see when working in Collect!.

By default, Web Host has four letters set up as sample option choices. If you want to change this, or add additional letters, you will need to modify the submitcontacts.txt file in the HTML folder.

Editing The Letters Option

Navigate to your HTML\global folder and locate the file named submitcontacts.txt. Open the file up in a simple text editor, e.g Notepad, and scroll down to approximately line 100.

You should see this:

< select name="ltrdescription" size="1" disabled>

Below this are the option choices for the letters. Notice that the letter name is in two locations for each option choice. These must always be identical. You can remove the lines, make changes to the names, or add additional option choice lines for other letters.

tip.gif The names here must be EXACTLY the same as your letter names in Collect!. If they are different, they will not be picked up.

When done, just save the file.

The Web Host will need to be restarted if it was currently open.

Now, your web operators will be able to schedule letters to be printed in your daily letter batch from Collect!.

tip.gif If you prefer to have your web operators schedule a Letter Contact Plan instead, please refer to Running Contact Plans With Web Host for information.

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