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Operator Sample - Account Toss Operator

This sample shows an Account Toss Team operator setup. An sales team operator would never need to sign into Collect!. This operator setup is used by Collect! to help with assigning multiple accounts to many operators when using Collect!'s "Assign accounts to operator" functions.

The effect of the settings shown on the Operator form in this sample are explained in further detail below.

Account Toss Operator

The Operator ID will be used to assign accounts to the operators listed in the Operator Team tab.

The user's Operator Name will help you identify this team.

The Operator Type has been set to SALES TEAM which allows you to access the Operator Team tab and member setup fields.

All other switches and fields are not necessary for this operator setup.

The "Sales Team" is meant to hold the Operator IDs that comprise a distribution group of collectors that the Account Toss batch process will use. This ID is not one that is meant to be used as a login ID for a live person.

All other switches and fields are hidden as they are not necessary for this operator setup.

Account Toss Operator Team

The IDs listed in the OPERATOR column are the operators who will be included in your distribution Account Toss team.

If you select a Round Robin type of distribution, the accounts can be assigned to the operators in this team in the manner of cards being dealt around a table; it keeps dealing until there are no more accounts to be given. If every collector's ID was in the Operator column only once, then this would result in an EQUAL distribution of accounts amongst the team.

It does not attempt to balance dollar amounts to each operator and it does not take into consideration any of the shelf inventory currently on any of the collector's desks (see Balance the Assigned Accounts).

If you have large teams, it is also possible to nest Team IDs so that if necessary, hundreds of collectors could be associated with one actual working team - it is not limited to the 16 available fields which are visible when you click into the Team tab on an Operator setup screen.

Alternatively, you may wish to use the Round Robin method to utilize a WEIGHTED distribution across the team.

Scenario #1: you may wish a Team Lead/Manager to cover a collector's share of new business while they are away on vacation, etc. Getting extra shares of accounts onto a specific collector's desk is accomplished by inputting the collector ID so that it becomes weighted by being in the Operator list more than once. Use of fractional math is how to determine how many times you need to put the ID into the Team Operator list to achieve the ratio you are seeking to distribute to the weighted collector(s).

In this example, Team "TA" is comprised of collector IDs OWN, CMG, SC, and JC, as in the screenshot below.

Account Toss Operator

If each ID appears in the list one time, each collector's share will be 25% if there are four of them total on the team.

If we wanted to give collector CMG all of the New Business that he/she would get PLUS all of SC's new business because SC is going to be on vacation, then we'd remove collector SC from the Team ID "TA" and input CMG's ID in a second time. This would increase the ratio of the distribution to be 50% for the Collection Manager CMG. When SC returns to the office, that ID would be added back into the Operator list for Team "TA" and CMG would again appear in the Operator list for the team only once. Everybody would again be receiving 25% of the new accounts being distributed.

Scenario #2: If everybody in the team is present and accounted for but there was reason to want to weight the distribution so that SC received 40% instead of 25% of the new accounts in this example, then all that would be necessary to do is input collector SC into the operator list in the Team tab a second time. As there are now five IDs in the team, each one would receive a 20% distribution share. If SC is in the list twice, then SC would receive 2 x 20% = 40% of the new accounts that are being distributed, while OWN, CMG and JC are each receiving 20% of the new accounts.

The other automated batch Account Toss type in Collect! is called Balance Accounts. This model does an assessment each collector's inventory before starting to distribute and with the use of complex algorithms, it will distribute new accounts to collectors with a view to maintaining equal account volumes in terms of number of accounts AND total inventory dollar value on each collector's desk that is on the team. This type of distribution favors collectors who are getting accounts off their desk as the model will continually top them up first before distributing to the collectors who are not finalizing their inventory at the same rate.

To access the where Account Toss is performed, click "Tools\Batch Processing\Assign accounts to operators" when you have a tagged list of new accounts to distribute. When you enter a Team ID to assign the accounts to, the system will recognize this and prompt you again to choose whether you wish to perform a "Round Robin" or "Balance" type distribution.

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