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How To Print A Debtor History For Specific Debtors

Some clients may call and ask for a debtor history for only specific debtors. Older versions of Collect! do not have the ability to tag items in a list (that's a newer enhancement). So how can you provide the information your clients are asking for? A few options exist, but the easiest is to send the report to a file, and then use a word processor to edit the file so that the report contains what you want.

Print The Client Debtor History

1. Press Alt+B to pull down the Browse menu.

2. Press C to select the Clients option.

3. Use the arrow keys to choose the Client you want a report for.

4. Press Alt+P to pull down the Print menu.

5. Press R to choose the Reports and Letters option.

6. Use the arrow keys to choose the Client/Debtor Listing report.

7. Press the Enter key to print the report.

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Sending The Report To A File

1. Press the Left Arrow key twice to move onto the Destination field.

2. Press F to choose a file as the destination.

3. Press F8 to begin the report.

4. Type the name of the file (for example test1.txt).

tip.gif You should use the .txt extension to tell any word processing program that this is a pure text file.

5. Press F8 to send the report to the file.

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Editing The Report

Now that the report is in a file, you can start your word processor and edit the report file. Since the report is in the form of a pure text file, you may have to tell your word processor to import the file. This is dependent on the word processor you are using and is beyond the scope of this discussion.

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