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How To Export An LBSS Agency Upload

1. Click File and then Import/Export to display the sub-menu pop-up.

2. Click Export File from the Import/Export sub-menu.

3. Press F2 to select the file format to export. The list of file specifications is displayed. In this example, choose to export an Agency Upload report from the list.

4. Enter a name for the file that you will store in your \out\ sub-folder.

5. Select Active in the Mode setting.

6. Select the date range from the last time you exported an agency upload file up to today's date.

6. Click START.

You can review the Totals after exporting.

tip.gif The agency upload presently transmits payments, note codes and demographic updates. Judgement updates are not currently included.

Debtor Payments

The Agency Upload reports only Debtor transactions with amounts in the To Us field of the transaction record. If the value in the To Us field is positive, it is a payment which is sent as transaction type 1 to ACSwitch. If the value in the To Us is negative, a payment type 3 (NSF) is sent to ACSwitch.

warning.gif WARNING: Check the posted transactions to ensure accuracy before exporting. You cannot get them back or undo them once you've sent them to the Client.

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Note Codes

The ACSwitch note codes are used to report important activities on accounts back to the Client. Note codes are important.

tip.gif If you do not send note codes to the Client regarding every active account for a prescribed length of time, the Client is likely to recall the account.

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