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Edit Report Templates

Select the Edit Report Templates option to display the Report Definition list of all reports in the system. From this list, you may view or modify report templates or create a new one by selecting the NEW button at the bottom of the list. To access this option, select Print from the top menu bar and then select Customize Printing from the drop-down choices. Select Edit Report Templates from the submenu.

The column headings in the Report Definition List display information from the Report Definition for the report. Each column heading is the actual name of the field on the Report Definition form. If you change the field label on the form, the next time you view a record list you will see that the field label change has applied to the list column heading as well. The default columns listed are Name and Start on.

By default, the list will display in order of the Start On column. The active column is the Name column. By immediately starting to type a report Name when you bring up the list of reports, Collect! will automatically scroll to the report that is the closest match.

The Report Definition list enables you to quickly find a specific report. Selecting a report opens the Report Definition form for the selected report.

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