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Editing Web Host Logo, Footer And Company Details

This topic will help you change the Logo, Footer and Company Details displayed in Web Host pages.

tip.gif All Web Host content is stored in the database's HTML folder. For instance, C:\CV11\demodb\html.

Changing Web Host Logo

Your image must first be saved in the \html\global folder. If you do not have this folder, it must be saved in the \html\ user folder.

tip.gif Knowledge of image editing may be needed to resize and save your logo correctly.

Collect! Web Host uses a CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) file to setup the banner displayed at the top of each page, as well as providing the style for the content of each page.

You need to be a familiar with CSS files to make advanced changes to the CSS file. This topic will just show how to modify one style affecting the logo.

1. Open the collect.css file in a text editor program, for example, Notepad, WordPad, or Ultra Edit. This file is stored in the html\global folder. Older versions of the Web Host will have the file in the html\user folder.

2. Scroll to the lines:

DIV.banner2 {
background: #5EB8C8 URL(clogo.gif) no-repeat 5px 0px;

Our logo filename is clogo.gif. You can save your file as the same name. Or, if you save your logo as a different filename, you will need to replace clogo.gif with your logo's filename. Ignore the 'no-repeat'. The two positioning values places the image 5 pixels down and 0 to the right.

Here's another example of positioning the logo based on alignments.

background: #5EB8C8 URL(clogo.gif) no-repeat center left;

The 'center' and 'left' tell the HTML page how to position the logo file in the 'banner' section on the page. The 'center' is vertical alignment and the 'left' is horizontal alignment.

tip.gif Each time you make the change in the CSS file and save it, you will want to refresh your viewed page. Sometimes this requires that you clear your cookies and/or temporary Internet files as the browser can cache the page information.

The other information for the DIV.banner and DIV.banner2 styles requires CSS knowledge.

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Editing Company Details For The Web Host

The Company Information is now only stored in one location, collect.js. This file is found in the HTML\global folder. The directives for placing the company info are written in the 'encompassing' function in this script file.

The function places the company information on each page loaded through the Web Host. Address info, Company Name or a Company Name image may be loaded. Previously, it was necessary to edit several Web Host *.html pages to update the company information. Now, you only have to edit one file. This may be done a lot more quickly.

In the 'encompassing' function, the top two variables, currently commented out by a double slash //, are used for a Company Name image. The next two variables control the text for the Company Name.

tip.gif Only one of these sets can be used. Which ever set is not used, must have the // before the two variables to comment it out.

The next set of variables controls the Address information. If the label variable and data variable for the same field are left blank, the row will not exist.

The Web Host does not need to be restarted if making changes to the address. However, the browser will need to be refreshed and sometimes even have the cookies and/or temporary Internet files cleared.

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Editing Web Host Page Footers

This is identical to the Company Details editing, except for the include file. The pages generated from the Web Host use an @include command with the file 'footer.txt' This file is located in the html\global folder. The pages that are not generated from the Web Host will need to be edited manually. These pages are located throughout the HTML folder. However, no editing is needed for pages or documents in the operator ID folders as these are generated by Web Host and replaced as you use Web Host.

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