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Work Cards

Debtor Work Cards will give a debtor summary for those people who prefer to still carry a Debtor Card file. These cards may be batch processed.

Debtor cards can display any information that you need from an account, including Debtor personal information, Client details, financial summary of the account, notes, transactions, Debtor status and Collector, bank information and more.

To print Work Cards:

  • The Debtor form needs to be properly filled out
  • The Client form needs to be properly filled out
  • This report has to be run on a debtor or a list of debtors
  • You must be printing via Device Context

You can optionally print work cards for new Debtors entered into Collect! You would usually choose to print work cards for all new Debtors at the end of each working day, but you can print work cards for Debtors listed over any arbitrary date range.

The Debtor Card report also prints historical data. You may wish to use the Debtor Card report to create a paper archive of new listings.

Printing Cards For A Range Of Debtors

To print cards for Debtors listed on any date or date range:

1. Select Print from the top menu bar and then select Daily Reports from the drop-down choices. This will display a sub-menu. Select Work Cards.

2. Enter a Start and End Debtor Listed Date for the report.

3. Select the PRINT button to print the cards.

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Print A Single Card

To print a card for any selected Debtor:

1. Select Browse from the top menu bar and then select All Accounts from the drop-down choices.

2. Select the Debtor you want the card for.

3. Select Print from the top menu bar and then select Reports and Letters from the drop-down choices. A list of reports will be displayed.

4. Select the Debtor card you want to print. The Print Report form will be displayed.

5. Select you printing destination and then select the PRINT button to print the card.

This function is available in the Print menu, Daily Reports, Work Cards option, and in the New Business menu, Debtor Work Cards option.

Useful Note There are several predefined cards in the report system. The report named 'DEBTOR CARD' is the one automatically batch printed. To choose a different card for batch printing, rename the card style you want to 'DEBTOR CARD' because this is the report name that the batch process will look for. Rename the current 'DEBTOR CARD' to something else so that you can use it later if needed.

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Select this button for help on the Print Cards dialog and links to related topics.

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Select this button to save your settings and proceed to the printing options.

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Select this button to cancel the printing process and return to the previous screen.

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