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TCN Download Report

From the Process TCN Campaign screen accessed by the menu path "Tools\ Batch Processing\Process TCN Campaign", select Download Report by clicking the radio button next to this option. You will be able to search for all the campaign Task IDs within the shown Date Range. You can adjust the date range to include only those days in which you have not retrieved results.

You can select the import routine that you wish to use for processing the results.

TCN Download Report

Useful Note If you enter invalid data in any of the fields, you will be prompted to correct the information.

Invalid Information Entered

Useful Note Campaign processing requires that you have set up an account with TCN Broadcasting and that you have entered your login credentials in the TCN Setup screen in Collect!.

TCN Setup

See the Help topic, Processing Results from Call Campaigns, for more details.

Task ID

This field displays the call campaign ID assigned to your call list by TCN that you are about to process. You can use the Select Task ID button to generate a list of all call campaigns available for download.

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Select Task ID

When you click the Select Task ID button, the system sends the Start and End Date parameters to the TCN website to search for all call campaign results available for download. The IDs in the date range are displayed in a list for you to choose which campaign results you want to download and import into your system.

List of Campaign Tasks for Processing

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Start Date

Select the Start Date as your "From" date to be used in defining the date range of campaign result reports that you want to download.

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End Date

Select the End Date as your "To" date to be used in defining the date range of campaign result reports that you want to download.

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Template Number

This pick list is generated from the choices available for you from the TCN website. Collect! has several default templates that match the TCN import routines.

Useful Note You can create your own templates at the TCN website. If you do, you will need to also create an import routine in Collect! that matches your custom TCN template.

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Import Routine

Select the import map name that you wish to use for processing the campaign results.

"TCN Download Report - Contact" creates a completed Phone Contact for each call result.

"TCN Download Report - Notes" writes the result of each call to the debtor's Notes and does not create a Contact.

"TCN Call Report with Call ID" is the import to use when you have an agreement with TCN to include a recorded call attachment in a WAV file format for each call in the campaign that had communication. These WAV files are imported as an Attachment in the completed Phone Contact created by the import of the call campaign results import.

For details about calls recorded during your campaign, see the Help topic, TCN Recorded Calls.

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Select this button for help on the Download Report screen and links to related topics.

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Select this to return to the previous screen.

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Select this to proceed with the campaign results download and import.

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